SutureSeal™ is the only wound sealant that provides up to 14 days of wound protection with just 1 application. Use on: staples, sutures, other wound closures and open wounds.

SutureSeal™ is a long lasting, transparent bandage replacement made of a non-toxic biodegradable hydrogel. This is a specially formulated hydrogel designed for incision and wound protection in small and large animals.

SutureSeal™ acts by forming a thin coating that protects the suture site or wound. It is initially applied as a liquid and transforms into a flexible gel in about 60-90 seconds. SutureSeal™ forms a protective layer that prevents dirt and debris from entering and lasts for up to two weeks. SutureSeal™ is colorless, odorless and designed to enhance the healing process. The wound will heal and the polymer will dissolve naturally after two weeks.


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in

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Store in a cool, dry place <8º C (<46º F), relative humidity below 70%. SutureSeal should be kept refrigerated or frozen to maximize shelf life.

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