Cardiovascular (Medical)

CP Medical offers a wide array of suture products for use in cardiovascular procedures, including Polypro® (Polypropylene) and Polybond® (Polyethylene Terepthalate) suture as well as accessories such as bone wax, pacing cables, and umbilical tape. Our most popular cardiovascular sutures are paired with the highest quality 300-series stainless steel double-arm needles.  We also offer a full range of synthetic absorbable and non-absorbable products, including silk and steel.  They are available in both single and multi-pack configurations for a surgeon’s convenience.

CP Medical takes great care in ensuring a smooth needle-to-material transition, thereby minimizing suture bleed line concerns. Our multi-packs are available in short and long package to minimize memory and reduce tangling when prepping for use.  CP Medical offers the flexibility to custom-make specialty configurations and multi-pack products to meet the needs of all cardiovascular surgeons.

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