Intrafix SafeSet

Thanks to the quality of our AirStop feature, B. Braun Intrafix® SafeSet will continue to run as reliably and consistently as it did on the first infusion without air entering the line. All of the sets are now DEHP free.


An airtight filter membrane acts as a barrier, protecting against air infusion while retaining particulate matter.


A protective cap lined with a hydrophobic membrane stops fluid leaking and helps protect against contamination.


  • Time saving
  • No need to reprime the set if air enters the line
    Helps to reduce your work time
  • Cost saving less sets used due to air stop
    No air in line so a new set is not required
    Helps to reduce your work time
  • Patient safety
    Helps to prevent air embolism and infusion related infections
  • Staff safety
    Helps to reduce fluid spills and needlestick injuries (Air Inlet)
Intrafix® SafeSet B.c.v. ll, 180 cmPVC,DEHP free180 cm70″B.C.V.4063001
Intrafix® SafeSet I.S. ll, 180 cmPVC,DEHP free180 cm70″I.S.4063005
Intrafix® SafeSet Neutrapur ll, 180 cmPolyurethane180 cm70″4063002
Intrafix® SafeSet 3-Stopc., Tubing 220 cmPVC,DEHP free220 cm86″3-W.S.C4063006
Intrafix® SafeSet ll, 180 cmPVC,DEHP free180 cm70″4063000
Intrafix® SafeSet ll, 230 cmPVC,DEHP free230 cm90″4063003
Intrafix® SafeSet p i.s. y-Caresite®PVC,DEHP free210 cmm82″S.C.4063004C
Intrafix® SafeSet uv-protect. ll, 180 cmPolyurethane180 cm70″4063131
Injection Side (I.S.); Back Check Valve (B.C.V.); Caresite (S.C.); Three way stop cock (3-W.S.C); Safeflow (S.F.); Luer Lock (LL); Luer Slip (LS); SpinnLock (SP)
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