B.Braun distributed by CP Medical

Innovative Solutions for the Animal Health Industry

CP Medical and B.Braun have combined their experience to market and distribute innovative solutions to the animal health industry. This partnership will provide Veterinarians with a full portfolio of infusion therapy items. Key products include IV administration, venous access, needlefree accessories, needles, syringes, admixture tools, and accessories.


Drug admixture processes are routine in any veterinarian clinic. Contamination with drugs and needle stick injuries are often not perceived as hazardous. The CDC/NIOSH has published a list of medications with potential hazards to health care professional‘s health. Many are used in clinics every day.

Protect yourself and your employees from this risk.

Mini-Spike will help protect professionals from chemical contamination, whenever injecting or withdrawing medication from glass vials


Studies show that the smooth, flat surface of Caresite® offers a superior microbial barrier. The flat surface enables thorough and easy disinfection whilst the tight seal between the septum and the clear housing …


Facilitates one-handed catheter advancement, minimizes incidence of catheter hub touch contamination, indicates needle bevel orientation…


Thanks to the quality of our AirStop feature, B. Braun Intrafix® SafeSet will continue to run as reliably and consistently as it did on the first infusion without air entering the line. All of the sets are now DEHP free.

B. Braun Vet Care GmbH: System partner in veterinary medicine

B. Braun Vet Care Germany – for veterinarians, for veterinary assistants and for the animal. The health as well as the satisfaction of pet owners, of veterinarians and of the staff in the animal clinic is very important for us. B. Braun and Aesculap, based in Germany, have been a synonym for high-quality medical and pharmaceutical products since more than 175 years.

Our focus areas for veterinary medicince are: Disinfection and Hygiene, Emergency Medicine and Oncology, Infusion Therapy, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Neurosurgery, Open Surgery, Orthopedics and Fracture Treatment, Pain Therapy, Wound Closure and Wound Therapy.

Product developments and innovations go align with our promise “Sharing Expertise”. We develop effective solutions for the complete clinical processes in veterinary medicine and in the veterinary clinic together with our customers, users and partners.